2018- Are you ready?

2017 came and went. A lot happened, a lot didn’t. As always, I focused more on one aspect that I really wanted to work on most, which unfortunately made me focus on others less. Mainly, I wanted to work on myself; my happiness, my mental health, my independence. I’ve always had trouble of letting go […]

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The Ending is Coming

(Photo found on Pinterest- not mine)   Three years ago, I graduated from high school and was already dreaming about the day that I’d graduate from college. I never thought about going past getting my Bachelor’s. The thought of staying in school for even longer wasn’t appealing to me. Now, as I am entering the […]

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TMI: Period Day

(not my photo) This post might be a little too personal for some people. Some might even say “Wtf, why did you feel the need to talk about that with everyone?!” Alas, if you feel this is too much information, please stop reading now. For years now, I’ve been able to predict when my period […]

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Happy Summer!

(photo used from Pinterest) Summer, summer, summer. It’s time for you to finally reign over the weather and grant us your endless sunny visits for the next three months. Though Autumn and all things cool and crisp weather related days are beyond my favorite and will forever sit at the throne of my heart, I’ve […]

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Somehow, I will write.

This last year of college has been my most struggling one yet. I just finished my junior year. All of my classes are now officially my major classes, and it’s getting down the the last two semesters of my college career. In the past year, I have been dealing with a creative struggle. I have been […]

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The Writer I Fight

Some people say that a writer has to write every day of their lives to consider themselves as a writer. That no matter whether there is inspiration in their heads or words on the ends of their fingertips, a writer writes; a sentence, a feeling, a thought, a word. A writer allows the sentences that […]

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Galentine’s Day 2017

Hello my fellow writers! February is six days away from being over and I’ve yet to stick to a schedule to post on here regularly. What else is new? School update: Midterms are coming up for me, and despite being so overwhelmed with schoolwork, I’ve gained some pride in the work that I’ve done thus […]

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