Empty Holiday Spirit

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed about the holidays this year it is that is doesn’t feel like the holidays at all. The Christmas songs are playing, the decorations are up in various colors. Even pets are dressed up in their little holiday outfits. But how come I don’t feel much of the Christmas spirit in me?

This year was a very interesting year for me but also had one bad quality; I lost someone extremely important in my life in the middle of February. That is probably the main factor for why I’m not so much in the holiday spirit, I’m missing part of that cheery spirit.

But it’s more than that and I believe that it’s not just me. The holidays are a time for giving, loving, sharing, and appreciating the people in your life. Enjoying all the small, simple moments we are granted with and appreciating what we have. But the holidays aren’t even that anymore.

It has become a commercialized celebration; the only thing that matters is what people are going to be unwrapping on Christmas morning. Why is that? What materials we receive should not determine our enjoyment of the holiday.

You didn’t get what you asked for? Oh, that’s a bummer. But did you spend it with people you love? That’s great.

The question thrown around everywhere with everyone is “What do you want for Christmas?” But instead of asking what we want, why not ask “Would you like to spend Christmas with us?” or even “What would you like to give to others for Christmas?”

The only commercials I’ve seen that emphasis appreciating the people in your life are the Hallmark commercials. Though they are also promoting their company, the message of the commercials are to appreciate with words, hugs, and love.

I don’t know if I’m the only one that felt a loss of Christmas spirit this year. It just didn’t feel like Christmas. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and because I don’t ask for much anymore. Or maybe it’s because it has been so commercialized that it’s lost it’s spirit for me.

Either way, that’s just me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with the people they love or doing something that made them happy.

Happy Holidays!



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