A New Year To Be Brave


Today is the last day of the New Year. Tonight we say goodbye to the year of 2014 and hello to the year of 2015. It’s the day where everyone will write down a list of resolutions and swear to live by them and to accomplish them; whether that be to lose weight, get a job, stop eating McDonald’s, or whatever else they feel the need to change. It is also a time to reflect on the past year, to be grateful for all that we have accomplished and to thank the gods that we surpassed whatever obstacles got in our way.

There is a lot that I would change from this past year if I could, but I have no regrets. Those will be stepping stones that I will use to better my new year. When I was younger, I used to make resolutions to lose weight when I clearly didn’t need to or to dye my hair to impress people I didn’t really care about. I clearly did’t understand the concept of a resolution. But now that I am older and have had time to realize that resolutions are meant to better yourself and not to become cooler or to fit in with the crowd, my resolutions only benefit me.

Get a job

Learn how to manage my time better (this is specifically for school reasons)

Eat healthier

Drink more water


Stay positive and keep away from negativity

Say Yes to opportunities

Live in the moment

Put down my phone more often

Write,Write, Write– no matter what it is; a half formed idea, a little phrase, an excerpt.

Read more books outside of the YA genre

Talk to more people and make new friends

Explore more places

Go outside more often

Get involved in something

Say what’s on your mind even if it means you’ll end up crying

Help others in other ways than just giving money

And last but certainly not least, but probably the most important:

Live my own life!

For so long I have allowed others to live my life for me. I have sat passively in the back seat while others tell me what to do, tell me where to go, or how I am going to spend my day doing something I could completely care less about. I am still dependent on my mom and step-dad for many things and get upset when I am told that I am not allowed to do something. But that is truly all on me.

This new year I am going to push myself to become independent. The reason that this is such a big goal for me to reach is because I am an introvert. I am extremely passive and HATE confrontation, especially with any type of authority figure. I am sensitive, cautious, and easily hurt. All of this together keeps me inside a little bubble, my small comfort zone of reading in bed and coming home straight after class is over. All because I am afraid to push past those barriers for the fear of failing or crying or embarrassing myself.

But how can I expect to become wiser, to go where I want to go, and to be satisfied with my life if I can’t take the wheel and lead myself there.

This is the is the year that I will be a little selfish, be a little more aggressive, and be the kind of person that I want to be.

I just have to be brave.

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight celebrating the beginning of a new year. Even if you’ll be reading all night like me, enjoy every moment of that.




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