Update: Poems Are Hard

Hello, fellow readers!

This is going to be more of an update post instead of what I’ve usually been posting.

This past Tuesday was my first day of spring semester at college and it feels like it is going to be a busy semester. Though I only have four classes again, I have never been one to know how to organize my time efficiently.

So far I’ve only been assigned a bunch of readings and one poem for my Creative Writing class. That poem is the one that I can’t seem to get through. I am supposed to pick an object and write about it using all of my five senses but I have no idea what object I want to choose and write about. i have until Tuesday to figure it out but nothing seems interesting enough for me to write about it.

My mind is blocked and all I want to do is continue reading this one YA series I’ve wrapped myself up in.

Anyway, I’m sorry this isn’t as entertaining as my other posts.

Maybe I’ll post my poem once I’ve figured it out. Who knows.



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