Get A Job- Check!

If any of you remember my New Years post, my first resolution for 2015 was to get a job. Now I’ve never had a legitimate job before. My stepdad in his previous company allowed me to do some seasonal work. But because it was a “family” company, it didn’t really count as experience. So finding an employer who even saw that as any type of experience at all was difficult.

Recently, I’ve gone to two interviews. One for a grocery store by my college and one for a children’s clothing store at the mall.

And I am extremely happy to finally be able to say that I now have a job!!!!!

The grocery store has me listed to be the first person hired for whenever there is another open position. Yesterday, the hiring manager of the children’s clothing store called me while I was in class. I couldn’t answer it and I couldn’t just leave class to take the phone call. So for the last thirty minutes of class, I had my phone on my desk, staring at the voice mail notification and only getting agitated that time wasn’t passing by faster.

I start next week and I have to go in on Saturday to fill out some paperwork. I’m actually really interested in how that’s going to go considering how I’m getting all four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning.

What plans do you guys have for Friday?



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