Too Much of What??

I think I’m having anxiety. I don’t think it’s exactly an anxiety attack. But I cannot shake this sinking feeling in my stomach and it’s been settling in for the past hour.

I keep wondering if it’s because I keep stressing over all the things I have to do lately.

I have two assignments due Thursday, two online quizzes, research for two projects, a presentation, and studying for midterms. And to top it off, I now have to remember how to work a cash register for my new job- and let me just tell you, it’s not as easy, at first, as it looks.

Could it be that I’m feeling this way because of work? I’m not an extrovert and now I have to push myself to welcome new customers and deal with confrontations.

As well as dealing with the fact that I have to stand up in front of my class to present things, and I am not entirely happy about that.

But this feeling came so out of no where that I’m not entirely sure that that’s the reason.

The sinking feeling comes and goes: as I’m eating, listening to my sister talk about her day, and even now as I’m writing this.

It is ever so present along with the quickening of my heart rate when it feels like it gets to it’s peak.

I’ve had panic attacks before and I am certain that it is not what this is because it’s not the same symptoms I usually get when I have one.

Either way, I cannot understand it and it is making me feel like I just need to get as far away from here as possible.

But I have no where to go and no one to talk to about this because I don’t think they will understand. Or they will just try to dismiss it.

Tonight is not really easy.



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