Spring Re-Reading

I don’t have school today so I decided to do a little Spring Cleaning of the most messiest part of my room:

My bookshelf.

And I say this is the messiest area in my room, not because I have things thrown around everywhere, but because I have piled items over items on top of each other because I don’t have the time to place them away nicely. I have work papers, binders, and schools books along with my makeup bag and hair accessories on practically every shelf and creating their new pile.

But the thing with cleaning and reorganizing this section in my room is that it can literally take me all day to do. You’d think it’d be actually reorganizing the bookshelf.

No, wrong, so far from it.

It’s because I end up re-reading all my favorite parts of all my books or re-reading just random sections as I hold them in my hands.

I literally just end up sitting on the floor in front of my bookshelf with all my books sprawled out around me and skim through all of them (unless they are in my TBR pile).

But I just wanted to know if I am the only one who does this.

I really have no regrets doing this, even when I spend a planned-productive day reading all my books, cross-legged on the floor.


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