As I sat on my desk five minutes into the exam, I realized that I didn’t remember any of the material. Part of it was because I didn’t study like I should have, and the other part was because I generally didn’t understand the contents of the subject.

It’s not like it’s a difficult subject like political science or trigonometry (no future politician or a mathematician here). It was Chicano Studies. Though difficult with all it’s dates and tribes and civilizations and features, it’s really an interesting subject.

But I knew I doomed myself for this class after a week that classes for the Spring Semester started and I realized that my professor spoke sporadically and often goes off topic. So the assigned reading became a clear self-teacher.

But the thing with this is that as much as I am a lover of books and a reader for pleasure, put the word ‘assigned’ in front of reading and slap a grade on it and immediately I become so disinterested.

So I have not read ANY of the reading for class, which is probably why I get lost easily in class when we go over the notes and lectures. Not a good way to go about getting good grades.

Now back to my midterm.

I didn’t study because my professor said we were going to be allowed to use our notes from class at some point during the exam. I relied heavily on this.

Ten minutes into the exam, I glanced around the room and noticed that I wasn’t the only one.  Dozens of pens stopped writing and many faces were dazed as they glanced off into space. We were all waiting for those words.

“Okay, you can use your notes now.”

It was practically a race after that to find all the answers in our notes and get them down in our booklets before time was up.

Here’s my prediction of how it went: TOTALLY. BOMBED. IT.

And not in the good way.

I am a procrastinator at heart, unfortunately, and an avoider of studying.

How far along in my college career am I supposed feel it sink in that procrastinating on anything is not okay and that studying is no joking matter?

I have a long way to go.



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