First Year: Over!

Hey guys! I’ve had a very busy month and haven’t really been able to be on here to update or write anything. So I decided write a bit about what’s been going on in my life.

So I just finished my first year of college and this past month has been the most stressful of my life- most of it due to my expertise in procrastination. I took my first Creative Writing class and I’ve never been more anxious about an English portfolio before. It’s way different than just writing a few essays that fit the requirements of an introduction, body, and conclusion. No, this was all me- personal bits and pieces of myself intertwined within each punctuation and line break and nouns.

One poem was one of the most rawest things I’d ever written that just so happened to be about another giant change in my life (which I will write about in another post considering how fresh the wound still is).

Anyway, though I didn’t have to do research or make credible statementa or anything, it was honestly the most challenging work I had to write thus far. But still extremely enjoyable! As for my other clases, I think I did very well on those too. Yes, I still have to come up with a new kind of routine to study as well as getting to work on assignments, projects, and revisions. But I’m sure come this fall, I’ll be able to sit myself down and get down to it!

But now since that’s done with- IT’S SUMMER BREAK! And I am going to keep myself very productive (hopefully). I’m planning on taking up more hours at work since I will have the time for it now,  write some more at a few projects I’d  been working on, as well as getting on that TBR pile I have building up in my bookshelf and most likely buy more books to add up on it lol.

Either way, I will be on here more often- spilling my guts and thoughts and experiences out.

Happy Finals season and Summer break everyone! 😀



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