Avoiding The Doom

The other day, I found myself sitting around my house literally doing nothing. I’d finished cleaning for the day and wasn’t scheduled to go into work. I walked back and forth from my bedroom and the kitchen just to see if I could un-bore myself with food. Netflix and twitter or even Tumblr wasn’t lifting my spirits.

I was too late to register for summer classes at my local community college, so school was out of the picture. Then I remembered that I had a bookshelf with a stack of books I had yet to read and a few that I’d been dying to read all year.

So I picked a book from my TBR pile and started reading.

I am literally taking so long to read it because I don’t want to get to the end. Because I don’t want to spoil anything, I won’t mention the title of the book. But it is a prequel to a currently on-going series.

Basically, the end of this prequel has been given away countless of times in the first books of the series. And with just the small snippets and details that we get in those books, it’s heartbreaking. Well, now I’m putting myself through the torture of actually reading what happened and how things went down and I’m dreading it.

An important character dies. Yes, dies. And I’ve known this since before I began reading the book (as mentioned before). I’m 85% of the way finished with the book and I am only getting closer and closer to his death. To the heartbreak. To the anger. And to the tears.

So I’ve stopped reading it. Well, I’ve kept myself from finishing it because I am not ready to part with this character that I have fallen for.

But I have to know how things went wrong… so I am going to put on a brave face and read through it…

Wish me luck.



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