Registering for Stress

This morning, I had to register for my classes for my fall semester of my second year at college. I am still calling it my second year because, technically, I am 6 units behind from being a sophomore. Therefore, still not a sophomore. But that’s what I get for wanting to have an easy freshman year and only taking four classes each semester.

Since school let out, I’d been mostly stress free. I didn’t have any papers to write or due dates to have them in by. I didn’t have presentations or tests. Heck, I didn’t even have to go through the agony of talking to new people in a room of complete strangers. It was all going so well.

Up until two days ago when I started searching the open classes I needed to take. The headache came only fifteen minutes after searching and picking. Was it the stress of still having two days until my registration and hoping that the classes didn’t close? Was it figuring out which classes were an immediate take or could’ve waited another year or two? Or probably trying to fit all my chosen classes on an even schedule during mornings mostly? Or maybe all the money it’s all going to cost?

I don’t know if it was just one or all of these mixed together. But within an hour of going through my account and all the classes, I’d gotten a major headache, became extremely restless, frustrated, and gotten a major blemish over my eyebrow.

And my summer break was going to well…


P.S: I got all the classes I signed up for. Now I just have to figure out the permission numbers and I really don’t want to call each department for it.


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