Little Things About Me

Hello Lovelings.

How has your day been? If anything exciting happened, good for you! I’m happy for you and don’t forget to make the most of it.

If anything not so great happened, just remember that there’s always tomorrow to turn things around.

Well, my day has been counterproductive. So I decided to sit down and write you guys a little something since I didn’t write anything last week.

While writing a few drafts, I realized that you guys don’t know much about me other than my name (which isn’t a screen name, it’s my actual name) and that I have two sisters as well as a boyfriend.

So I went online and dug through a few questionnaires to give you guys just some facts about me.

1.Do you have any pets? -I have 3 dogs. Two chihuahua/terrier mixes and a basset hound.

2.Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? – To live, the mountains. To visit, the beach.

3. How may sibling do you have?- I am the middle child of three girls.

4. When was the last time you wore high heels?- My little sister’s first communion. I usually just stick to my vans.

5. Can you change a car tire?- Not for the life of me.

6.Favorite Disney princess?- It’s a tie between Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Belle (Beauty and The Beast).

7. Do you drink enough water?- Not as much as I should but I’m working on it!

8. Favorite season?- Autumn, wholeheartedly!

9. Least favorite season?- Winter. I love the cold, but everything’s so dead in the Winter.

10. Do you like tacos?- Authentic Mexican tacos rule over hard shell tacos any day.

11. Ethnicity?- Hispanic! I’m Mexican-American.

12. What’s your lucky number?- 7. Which also happens to be the day of my birthday

13. What are you scared of?- Spiders mostly. But also any little creature that flies and buzzes and looks weird.

14. How old are you?- 19.

15. Can you go a day without coffee?- Yes. But in between day two and three, I begin to get a headache in the mornings.

16. Any tattoos?- Soon to be under construction! Revisit after August.

17. Night or Day?- Day to be productive. But I feel more awake and alive at night.

18. Are you a hypocrite?- Anyone who says they are not is a hypocrite.

19. Last CD you bought?- Sam Smith!

20. Favorite subject in school?- English.

21. Favorite movie?- The Breakfast Club, August Rush coming in a close second.

22. Can you sing?- Anyone can sing! But I can only sing for fun, not professionally.

23. Can you speak a different language?- Spanish, but I butcher the heck out of it when I do.

24. Any piercings? Just my ears. But I don’t like wearing earrings. In the past I’ve had my belly button pierced but that didn’t last very long.

And that is where I’ll end this questionnaire today. Maybe I’ll do another one soon since I actually had fun answering them. I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little about me.



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