Slumping My Way Through Summer

I have been in a major slump lately. Both in reading and writing.

It’s like no matter how often I try to pick up a book, my mind tends to go “No, we’re not in the mood for this kind of book. What about that one?” Then once again, my mind tells me I’m not in the mood for that kind of book, either. I have a couple of new books I was extremely excited to buy and read. I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. I even have a couple of John Green books, but yet nothing has satisfied me enough to sit for a whole day to finish it. Not even enough to get through the first chapter.

I try to write in the mornings while I’m having my coffee and toast but that has turned into a major fail, too. I’ll sit there with my laptop in front of me, ready to get a couple thousands words in of certain stories I’m writing, and the next thing I know, I’m on Pinterest for an hour going through character inspiration tags or even just looking at random stuff.

I’ve tried to turn off my Wifi, hoping that it will keep me from being so tempted to go online and have even left my phone in the room while I’m in the dining room. But my mind goes all over the place; everywhere except the story I’m writing. More so then not, I begin to get extremely restless (I’m not one to sit comfortably for long periods of time). Even with my blogging. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how slowly I’ve been posting lately.

So I haven’t accomplished much of either in the past couple of months. My second year of college starts in less than a month and soon I won’t have any time to do either.

Often, I find myself wanting to go outside instead of inside like I normally do. I want to go driving down to LA or even Hollywood. Or to the beach. The mall is out of the question since I work at one (but I do want to go get myself some new shoes). But I’m not one to go out constantly either.

My slumps have been turned into restlessness. I don’t really have strategies to get myself out of it.



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