Tattoo Update 1

I finally took the first step into getting my tattoo, which I’d been meaning to get around to for the past couple of weeks now.

Yesterday while I was at Venice Beach with my boyfriend, we went inside a couple of different tattoo shops to check out artists and to see how much my tattoo would cost. I didn’t expect for it to be cheap. In fact, I wasn’t expecting it to be any less than $100.

I got an estimate as to how much it would be around, and let’s just say I have a bit of saving to do. But I don’t mind. I am still going to go to a few more local tattoo shops just to see if I like any shops closer.

The main thing I really need to decide on is the font in which I want the wording to be in. What it’s basically going to be is one line, five words, on the inside of my left arm. Definitely after August I’d be able to get it, by then I’d have enough money saved up for it.

I’ll keep you guys updated (:



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