Why ‘Throne of Glass’ Does Not Have a Love Triangle


****Possible Throne of Glass Spoilers. Continue at your own risk!!!********

I was reading someone’s thoughts on Throne of Glass the other day that said that the love triangle is what brought down their enjoyment of the actual story. I’ve read this a bunch of times in other people’s reviews on the book and, at first, sometimes I agreed with them.

The back of the book even claims that there is a love triangle, saying that two men love her. But after rereading the book a couple of times (due to withdraw from the continuing books), I began to realize that though there are the components of a love triangle, there really isn’t a love triangle.

I know, I know. A lot of you guys are probably screaming at me saying “Are you blind? Obviously there IS a love triangle! Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol are all in the love triangle!” Like I said before, I used to see that as a love triangle, too.

When I think of a love triangle, I think of three people, in this case 2 men and 1 woman, who are romantically involved or have romantic feelings for each other. In other words, both guys love the girl, and the girl has feelings for both, whether strongly or faintly.

A very identifiable love triangle is Twilight (basing it off the movie since I’ve never read the book)- Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Nightshade (by Andrea Cremer) has another- Calla, Ren, and Shay. The female has some feelings for both guys. So to me, a love triangle is when there is a possible chance for either party at the same time- that the main person just has to make the choice on which one she will stay with.

So yes, Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol are in a triangle, but not a love triangle. In the first book, the only real interest is Dorian. They have their moments and flirtation and romance for a little while. There’s no part where she has any of that with Chaol. The relationship they develop is that of friendship through understanding. An assassin and a guard with some like hardships (not intensely similar, obviously). But their relationship is platonic. Yes, Celaena mentions about Chaol’s handsomeness in the beginning but doesn’t touch of the subject of Chaol as anything more than a friend.

Chaol doesn’t even become a person of love interest until book 2 (even though as a Chaolena shipper, every small moment they had shouted love and babies to me). But when this does happen, Celaena has already broken up with Dorian and moved on. Any feelings that she had towards Dorian no longer exist. Even if Dorian still hads feelings for her and wants to be with her, Celaena doesn’t feel the same. She’d left him in the past and didn’t revisit it.

See why I don’t think there is a love triangle? Because Celaena never entertained the idea of being with one or the other AT THE SAME TIME. She never felt anything stronger for either of them AT THE SAME TIME. It was always either solely one or solely the other. But never both or one OVER the other.

A part of me does think that a sort of love triangle was beginning to form when Celaena met Rowan. Yes, at first they were nothing more than platonic. But, no matter how much my Chaol-filled heart wanted to deny it, there were little seeds being planted of a relationship soon forming. And I only say that there was a POSSIBLE love triangle there because Celaena was still, in a small way, getting over Chaol and his betrayal. But even that wasn’t fully formed for it to be even considered a love triangle because when things started up with Rowan, Chaol was already out of the picture- far, far long gone. As well as Dorian.

So in my view, THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE. There never was and I don’t think Sarah has one to soon be developed in later books (though we still have two more books, so who knows). When Celaena gets involved with someone, she only has feelings for them and no one else.

***Sam is obviously the exception to this. Her love for Sam will always be there and the thought of ‘what if’ will remain for a very long time. Theoretically, you can claim that as the love triangle. Other than that, for me, Throne of Glass does not have a love triangle, nor do the continuing books.

I’m probably one of the few who think this, but that’s okay. That’s what I got out of rereading the books over and over. Feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments. Maybe I’ve overlooked something. Either way, I’m interested in your guys’ opinions.



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