Happy Thanksgiving, WordPress!

I know it’s a couple of days late but I’ve had a very busy filled last couple of days. I worked my first Black Friday and Thanksgiving night. Good thing that in my family, we have Thanksgiving lunch rather than Thanksgiving dinner. But either way, I was pretty busy.

How were your dinners, though? Mine was as delicious as always. Plenty of pictures were taken since it was my baby cousin’s first Thanksgiving. It was also the first Thanksgiving that my boyfriend spent with me and my family. He spent it watching the Cowboys game with my stepdad, uncle, and uncle’s dad. It went well.

After lunch, my boyfriend dropped me off at work for my opening shift. He didn’t want me to drive  in the crazy traffic that comes along with Black Friday fever. So he and my parents planned to drop me off and pick me up for the following couple of days.

Black Friday itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Hectic and busy, yes. But maybe it was because I work at a children’s store that it wasn’t as packed  as the rest of the mall. But I’d had enough dosage of people for the rest of the week. When I came home, though, I found myself sitting at my kitchen table for a good five hours just writing- continuing the story I was trying to finish for NaNoWriMo.

NaNo Update: my word count hasn’t moved much. At most, I reached ten thousand words. But hey, there’s always next year!

Anyway. That was how I spent my holiday. How about you guys? Did you guys Black Friday shop? I was thinking about ordering some books off of Barnes and Noble since they gave out a 30% coupon. But my urge to buy books, or even read any lately, hasn’t been as strong. I might stop by the mall early before my shift because I want to see if I could get some flannels. I don’t like the big crowds so I was okay with missing some big sales during Black Friday.

Finals are coming up so I won’t really be writing on here as much as I’d like to. But once finals are over, I’ll come back to my regular weekly schedule. Bear with me.



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