20 and Over Retail

Hello fellow WordPress writers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted an update.

I turned 20 last week! Remember last year when I was freaking out about turning 19? Well, I freaked out even more before turning 20. But then again I feel I’m going to be freaking out about getting older in general for the rest of my life. So there’s nothing new there.

Things have been hectic around here with finals and work. Especially now that we’re knee deep in Holiday Season, I’ve been getting more hours at work because we’ve been crazy busy! Normally I wouldn’t mind. I mean I get more money in my paycheck at the end of the pay period and I’m getting closer to that promotion (currently stalled due to the holiday frenzy. It’s a long process).

The other day, I worked a full eight-hour shift. Being around kids and people all day at the mall got to me a bit. I had a major headache four hours in and was just drained of all my energy by the time I got home. As much as I want to become more of a relied employee there, a sudden thought came in to my head as I sat in my backroom taking a Tylenol and resting my head: I don’t think I can do this much longer.

I don’t mean working or dealing with people- no. Retail. I’ve been at my store for almost a year and it feels like it’s been three. Most of what I do has become tedious and routine that where I used to find joy in going to work, I now find dread. I don’t like dealing with a line of people where one person in particular asks me to help her with three online orders. Or customers who try to bargain set prices and try and get me to give them discounts with non-existent coupons, then get angry when I’ve told them for the fifth time that it’s not possible.

And as much as I like kids (to a certain extent), I’m tired of having to hear their tantrums and of having to clean up their messes that their parents decide not to clean up. Just cleaning the store at the end of the night has become awful. I hate closing shifts now.

With all of this in mind, I’ve started thinking of other places that I could apply to for next year after I’ve gained more experience in this job. The only problem is that I don’t know where I would like to go. Two of my former co-workers got jobs at elementary schools as T.A’s, another at a bank, and my old boss became the assistant manager of a watch store. I don’t think I can do more retail (unless it’s a bookstore, then I will give it a shot), but I also want to work somewhere that will train me in some way for what I want to do in my life. Something with books and English and writing. I don’t even know where to start or where to look or what exactly I want.

All I know is that I might not be at my current job by next Holiday Season. These jobs aren’t supposed to be forever jobs anyway. I just thought I would last a little longer before thinking about getting a new job.


P.S: Expect more regular updates for the rest of the month. Tomorrow is my LAST final and I couldn’t be more happy to finish off this semester. More on that in my next post!



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