Sweet Bread Run

Today was a sweet day.

I got to relive a favorite pastime with my older sister from back when we were younger. My grandma sent us on a bread run today. But not just any bread run, specifically a sweet bread run. The reason why this is such a fun memory for me is because that is the most vivid memory I have with my grandma from when I was younger.

We used to live in this small townhouse that was both walking distance from my elementary school and the local grocery store. After my grandma would pick my sister and I up from school, once a week we’d go to the store to pick up some groceries. Usually at that time, my sister and I were hungry and wanted lunch. But because we had to wait, my grandma would let us run over to the bread section of the store and pick out one to eat.

We’d go pick out our favorite pan dulce and eat it as we walked around the store. Then at checkout, my grandma would tell the cashier what we’d eaten and pay for it. Sometimes she’d have to pay for multiple because my sister and I would go back and pick out another one. The cashiers knew us as the girls who ate the bread and sometimes offered us one for free.

Though today we didn’t eat the bread as we continued shopping, we did go all crazy in the bread section. Usually when we take my grandma now, she’ll just get one small bag of sweet bread. But because she wasn’t there today and my sister and I were living in our memories, we ended up getting two bags full of sweet bread, plus a small container of muffins.

You can say we definitely got some wide eyes from both my mom and grandma when we got home. But hey, the child in me just couldn’t resist! So now I have all this pan dulce and I have no idea which to eat yet.

I thought I’d share this simple childhood memory of mine just because it made me feel like I was a child again.

But back to the big stuff: NEW YEARS

I’ve started writing my New Year’s Resolutions (which I will post up for all of you to see on the first of 2016) and I feel like this next year is going to be one hell of a year. I feel like it’s going to be far more complicated than I’d want it to be- and that’s not just because I have a very interesting Spring schedule for college. I’m kind of dreading taking these next classes.

Have you started writing your resolutions? Goals? How are you guys feeling about 2016 so far?

We only have two more days left of 2015!

I’ll see you all in 2016!



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