Self Growth and Discovery in 2016


Happy New Year everyone! Another year has passed and now we have a brand new year with brand new opportunities to challenge ourselves with. This year, nothing really changed for me. Although I did get my first job and that was definitely a big change in my life. I had to figure out how to balance school and work.But other than that, my year was pretty uneventful.

I did have the opportunity to meet great people and make new friends that I hope I get to keep in my life for a long time, all mostly through work. I did a great amount of writing but not as much as I wanted to.

I want this year to be different for me. I want to focus more on myself and my personal growth. I want to discover new things and explore new places. I know this year is definitely going to be far more difficult than last year. It’s not just because my Spring classes are going to be far more difficult than others so far. But also because, financially, I have to figure out what I am going to do about my car once the lease is up in May and the bills that come along with is.

Because there are many things that are going to be different this year, I’ve come up with two categories of goals for this year: my personal goals and my “grown-up” goals.


Eat Healthier:

 I realize that this was on my last year’s resolutions, but honestly I think I ended up eating worse than better. And after some recent physical problems, I think this year I have to take it far more seriously. Which also leads me to-

Start some Yoga or smaller exercises”

like taking more walks with my dogs and getting fitter. Also on my last year’s resolutions list.

Wake up earlier:

Make the most of the mornings. Lately, because I’ve been  sleeping later, I’ve been waking up later. That usually leaves me feeling like I’ve wasted my day.

Take better care of my skin:

I want to try and cut down on how much products I put on my face. Recently I’ve grown really tired of putting on makeup and getting it on my boyfriends clothes when I hug him or getting it on my own clothes. I want to even out my skin and make it healthier. Needless to say, I will definitely be carrying around a bottle of water with me everywhere from now on.

Be the one to instigate meeting up with friends more often.

I usually wait for my friends to tell me when they’re free so we can hang out, which I’ve noticed has left me hanging out with less of them more often. So I need to be the one to try and instigate our meet ups.

Take more adventures.

This last year I didn’t go to many new places. But I’m now in my 20’s and don’t want them to be like my teenage years where I mostly just stayed at home and did nothing. Especially during the summer.

Pick up a hobby or two:

I recently received a beginner’s Calligraphy set so that’s definitely something I’m going to try and perfect throughout the year. Updates will be provided on my failure.

Visit the cemetery more often:

For myself and for my grandma.

This last one is more of a selfish one:

Get my tattoo. 

At the end of last year, I finally picked the font for which I want it to be in. But because I only work part time and don’t have much to spend, I didn’t have enough by the end of the year to get it. Recently, I’ve saved enough though. I just need to get a check up from the doctor’s to make sure my current physical problems aren’t anything serious.


The rest of my resolutions are more of goals I want to reach to grow up a bit more.

Save more money:

As I said before, I need to figure out what I’m going to do about my car when the lease is up in May. So this is my biggest priority this year.

Start paying more of my own bills

Become more independent 

Procrastinate less: In school work and studying, but also in general with my life.

Do more thing that would benefit my future: in writing and in everything else really.

I’m fairly positive that I am going to add more onto this list as the year goes by and that’s okay. It’s never too late to try and better yourself. Each day is a new day to try and reach new goals.

This year I know I’ll be challenged far more than I was in the past year. Mainly I want to make memories that are worth remembering and discovering myself and my limits, and maybe meeting some new people along the way.

I wish you all a year full of laughter, joy, and challenges to make yourselves better people, too.

Once again, Happy 2016!



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