Nerves B-Gone: Back to College

Today is the first day of my spring semester and it’s honestly going so much better than the first day of my fall semester. We all remember how I skipped the first class due to anxiety.

My first class was cancelled and my lab class after that only lasted thirty minutes. My last class of the day starts a 2 pm, so I decided to write a little update in the two hours that I wait for my class to start.

Other than the short classes today, what makes me think the day is going really well is that I don’t have the usual nerves I get before the beginning of the first round of classes (though, its only day one and three classes, we’ll see how I do with the other 3 throughout the week). Like I mentioned once before, I dislike first days of almost anything. Partly because it’s a new class or environment and I don’t know what to expect, and partly because I don’t know anyone to really latch on to. I’m not the kind of person to go and talk to classmates so I usually wait until they talk to me- if I’m lucky.

You’d think that I’d be even more nervous because my boyfriend no longer goes to the same college as me and I now don’t have him to hang out with in between and after classes. Also with the fact that when I finally become really good friends with this one girl whom I’ve had for at least one class every semester since last year, we don’t have any more classes together. But honestly, I’m rather unfazed.

Maybe it’s just me maturing a bit more. Or maybe it’s just me figuring out how to do things alone and being okay with it. I don’t know. But not having all these nerves making me hide in a corner of the classroom is honestly making my day run much smoother.

And hey! I even made a friend walking out of my lab class today!

I’ll keep you updated on how the rest of my week goes. Hopefully just as smoothly as this one.

Good luck to everyone who returned to school or started a new job recently!



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