The Power in An Arrow

My freshman year of high school, I’d grown this strange attachment to the symbol of an arrow. It started off as an attraction because of the fact that my zodiac sign was, in fact, an arrow. But not long after, I’d drifted from that attachment and just loved the arrow on its own. I drew it on my class notes, on my arm when I was bored. I always found myself drawing it somewhere and even have it permanently drawn on my mirror. It had become so important to me that I even wanted it to be my first tattoo (update on that in the next month by the way!!).

On my 18th birthday, my sister bought me a small, golden arrow necklace. At the time, I was wearing the necklace my boyfriend had given me on Christmas the year before. As much as I loved the necklace, I didn’t feel an urgency to wear it just yet. So it hung over the corner of my mirror for a few months. It wasn’t until the breakup with my boyfriend that I took off his necklace. I felt naked without having anything around my neck, so I took the arrow necklace off my mirror and began wearing it. Since then, it has not stopped hugging my neck. It has become a huge part of who I am.

At work, it is constantly pointed out by my customers. One asked if it has something to do with Marvel’s Green Arrow or even Hawk Eye. Another had said that they wanted an arrow tattooed on them as well, but their reason was mostly for the fact that it looked nice or that it was the trend. I was ringing up a customer yesterday who pointed out that we had matching necklaces. I looked at her throat and there it was, an exact replica of my precious necklace, only in silver. We continued the conversation, where she told me that she merely got it because she’d been wanting a necklace that didn’t hang so low and that wasn’t too flashy. I then told her that my sister had gotten if for my birthday a couple of years back. She asked if I wore it simply because it was a gift, looks, or because it meant something more.

After becoming sort of obsessed with arrows a few years back, I looked up what the symbol meant after I’d gotten over it symbolizing Sagittarius. Someone had said that an arrow can only be shot by being drawn back. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it only means that you are going to be shot into something greater. Reading this gripped at my heart and has had a strong clutch on it ever since. I shared this small wisdom with her and she looked at me as if I had just given her the key to a new Ferrari. She thanked me for sharing this with her and clutched on to her necklace as she walked out of the store.

That definition in itself means so much to me. It is my motivation when I feel as if I am doing everything wrong in my life. I’ve found myself clinging onto that a lot more in these past couple of weeks. The transition into adulthood obviously never goes as smoothly as we’d like, and I’d been feeling all sorts of stress since the beginning of the year. As much as I want it to be an easy year, I know that I am going to have a lot of difficulties in the upcoming months. That scares me. Whenever I feel as if I’m going to break down or feel incredibly lost and don’t know what I am doing anymore, I hold on to the necklace and keep reminding myself that it in the end, something is going to work out in my favor, one way or another. It just has to.



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