Ghost Driver

Only I would have the luck of a turtle who was dropped into the water only after struggling so much to get out. Yesterday, I got into my first car accident. It’s not the first car accident I’ve been in, but it’s the first car accident that I’m involved in where my car is the one that was hit, and it wasn’t even in the most conventional way!

It was in the parking lot of the mall where I work at. I was PARKED.

I’d literally pulled into an empty parking space that I thought was gold because it was the closest to the entrance. I still had time to kill, I didn’t have to go in until 6 pm and it was 5:42 pm. I stayed in my car listening to music. A couple of minutes pass by and the next thing I know, I see this Ford van backing up out of a parking spot.I didn’t think much of it until I noticed that it was still backing up and getting uncomfortably close to my passenger side door. I honked at it a couple of times, hoping that it would warn whoever was driving of their close proximity. But when they didn’t stop, I cursed as I watched the front bumper of the van hit my passenger side door and scratch the back door until finally it buried itself in the dent and halted.

I took a deep breath after letting more curse words slip out of my mouth and finally worked up the courage to get out and check the damage, my parents already on the other line on my phone.

PLOT TWIST: No one was driving the car! It had literally rolled out of the parking spot without a driver.

A few people passed by and asked if I was okay.  A couple of guys assumed that I was the one who hit the brand new car. When they realized that the brand new car was mine, they looked into the van and found out that the car had been put in NEUTRAL instead of PARK.

That explains the ghost driver.

Mall security showed up, also assuming that I was the owner of the van, and proceeded to tell me the steps in leaving my information on the windshield so it’s not considered a hit-and-run.

“Oh, YOUR car got hit… Man, that sucks!”

I waited for my stepdad to arrive while security went to search for the owner of the van. Mall security found out that I worked there and said that I would have access to the partial video footage of the car rolling back out of the parking spot if it needed it. The owner of the car finally came running out of the mall, looking totally dumbfounded to find his car not where he left it. He continuously apologized and we exchanged information. He didn’t have a license. My stepdad showed up and he and the guy worked out how they were going to go about calling the insurance.

The owner of the van maneuvered his way inside to get to the driver’s side and unlatch himself from the side of my car. The noise of metal rubbing against metal was so loud, more people were stopping to watch than they were before.

Despite how bad it sounded, I have a dent in the back door and a major scratch from the middle of the passenger’s side to the end of the back door on the same side. I’d literally gotten the car two weeks ago.

Despite being late to work and now having to deal with getting the car fixed and having my insurance go back up, I couldn’t help but laugh when I recounted what happened to my coworkers and to my mom. In all the places and ways that I could have been hit, it was “ghost driver” that crossed my path. Thank God it wasn’t anything worse and nobody got hurt while the car was loose.

Upside: All of Mall Security that worked that shift knows me now. Free escorts anytime!



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