The Final Countdown

It here, the dreaded last three weeks of the semester. The weeks in where you stress more than you have in the entire beginning of the year. Where you catch up on readings and notes, hoping that it will stick to your brain as you cram for those final exams. Where your bedroom becomes the library or the kitchen table. Food becomes either super light snacks or a five-course meal in one sitting, and caffeine becomes your greatest supporter.

Finals week is nearly here and I, like many of you I bet, have already decided that I am screwed. It’s safe to say that I think this every semester and usually, by pure dumb luck, I pass my exams with a high enough score to grant me the unit points for that semester.  But that doesn’t make the anxiety and stress any less overwhelming.

Yes, if  had done the readings on time and reviewed the chapters every time we got new notes or a new chapter study guide, I might not be freaking out as much as I actually am. But I have been a procrastinator my entire life. My thought process is by default “You’ll do it tomorrow and you’ll be fine.” Every. Single. Time.

I will say that I actually kept an agenda this semester and wrote down my assignments and exam days. That’s a step for me in the right direction to becoming organized and punctual. Looking at it every day and actually getting the work done on time is a different story. Baby steps. I’ll get there one of these days.

I have two more weeks of actual class instruction and then comes finals week. Honestly, just sitting in my classes now gets me so impatient. I am so ready for the semester to end that I am making myself restless with the anticipation that I, myself, am building up inside of me. Whether it’s because I’m just tired of exams, ready for summer beach days, or because I’m waiting to start my major classes next semester, I don’t know. All I know is that I want this semester to be over.

It’s so close I can almost feel it. So to force myself into studying early enough, I am putting myself on lockdown. No WordPress, Netflix, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest until after finals. I am deleting these apps from my phone this Sunday night after I get home from work. I’m trying to convince myself to get rid of Snapchat and Instagram, but I just can’t do it… Not yet.

So until then, I wish you all the best of luck and lots of sleep during these trying weeks.

May the curve be ever in your favor.




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