A Week of Good Fortune

So the past couple of days have been days full of change. Not only did I get offered a job as a cashier at a pharmacy that I applied to, but I was also promoted at my current job!

My assistant manager left because she got a job somewhere else. My manager wasted no time in promoting one of our sales leads as the new ASM, and then promoted me as the new sales lead. Ya girl finally got that title change and raise!

Although it’s basically all the duties I’d been doing for about two months now (my manager’s let me close down the registers a couple of times and be in charge of the floor for more than an hour), what’s really freaking me out is that the accountability is greater. If I mess up or am not fast and efficient enough, I could get written up. Not to mention that if I ever get a difficult customer, I can’t just pass them on to whatever sales lead is working with me. I’ll have to deal with them head on. It all the basic stuff of working  in retail, I know. But the stakes are higher now.

A day later after getting the promotion, the pharmacy I’d applied to offered me a job. It would have been around 20 hours a week with more pay than my current job (even with the new promotion). The only problem was that it was farther from my house than my current job and they wouldn’t be as flexible with the hours for when I went back to school in August. I would have taken it if my boss hadn’t spontaneously promoted me because I would have had the time to work around it for the summer. So I had to turn it down. They said that if I was ever interested again and had the time to do so, then I should definitely call them back and I’d be taken in as if I never turned it down.

So this week has sent me tons of good fortune. I’m both excited and nervous about this new job position, even if it might not seem like much. It’s definitely going to guarantee me more than eleven hours a week, that’s for sure! Now all I need to do is figure out an effective way to save my  money because lately, I’ve been living off of double digits instead of triple digits two days after my pay day. It’s bad.

My title changed this past Friday and I officially start my first seven hour shift as a sales lead in charge of a sales associate this coming Friday. Fingers crossed!

Have any of you had any good fortunes lately?

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!



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