Hello Summer!

It’s the first day of summer, and here in Southern California, the weather did not disappoint. It reached about 112 degrees, luckily the hottest day of the week. Even if it’ll hit the high 90s for the rest of the week, we got the hottest one out of the way. Hopefully the humidity dies down with it.

I’m an Autumn lover, as many of you may know by now. I love Fall mornings and crunchy leaves and the way the air has this permanent cozy smell to it. I love that my favorite holidays are all within a month from each other and that it’s the season of my birthday. Being a December baby, my birthday intertwines with Christmas territory, but don’t be fooled- I was still born in the Fall. Despite loving all things and everything fall, I’ve grown a fondness for Summer over the past two years. Whether it’s because school’s out or because it more stress free than the rest of the year, I don’t know. As much as I can’t stand the heat and all the bugs, I’d been craving beach days and road trips and summer nights.

I’m going camping at the beginning of August and I am finally going out to watch fireworks on the beach with friends this upcoming Fourth of July. Now with the raise I received from work, I’m able too even consider planning day trips. I’ve lived in California my whole life and have only seen parts of it. I want to explore more places in L.A and Big Bear and go to different lakes and actually go to my National Parks. But what I’m really excited about it my tattoo. I made an appointment with a tattoo shop that’s not far from my house for mid-July. It’s finally happening, guys!

I’m also making sure that I hit the beach more often this Summer. I went this past Saturday and my skin still smells like sand and salt water. It’s become one of my favorite smells. This summer, I just really want to keep myself from stressing so much. I want to get more physical, even if it’s just stretching every day. I’ve caught myself being on my phone so often now that I want to cut down on that, too. I’m thinking of deleting most of my apps again just to keep myself from being tempted.

As much as I’m dreading this excessive heat wave, I have to welcome Summer with open arms. I’ve needed it to break me from this long year. I’m sure many of us need this break.

Have a wonderful first week of Summer! Go to the beach, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water!




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