Back At It

I don’t know if I’m writing more this week just to distract myself from getting too intense with my break-up feelings, but I’ve been breaking all kinds of new grounds this week in my writing. It’s no secret that I get myself into writing and reading slumps VERY often. I spend so much time trying to push aside the urge to write throughout the semester because it easily distracts me from my schoolwork. That’s where I get myself into so many writing slumps. I think of a line or a scene and I ignore everything during class just to write it down and continue it. Then I realize that I have no idea what the professor said and I put it aside and try to not focus on it.

But here I am — two weeks post breakup and I’ve written already three different, full fledged chapters in one week. That’s a victory for me honestly. As small as that might be, it’s more than what I’ve written in months. That fact is both exciting and depressing. When I am not working or doing chores around the house, I really don’t do anything other than take care of my niece when my grandma gets tired or help my little sister with her math. So filling in all my free time with writing or reading should really be routine.

I’m only now beginning to force it to be my everyday routine. I guess I should thank the need for distraction for that. It’s frustrating and relieving at the same time to write stuff down when sometimes you have no inspiration. But if I keep waiting for the inspiration to strike, then I’ll have a repeat of the last couple months; dry and uncolored.

So here’s to gaining back that rhythm and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.



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