How Do I Help My Friend?

(This post is going to be far more serious than my other posts. )

A friend of mine is currently dealing with depression. A couple of weeks ago, he made the mistake in driving under the influence and getting arrested. No one got hurt, thankfully. He spent the night in jail and is now awaiting his court date at the end of the month to determine his fate. He’s spoken to lawyers and knows that he is going to get some jail time. It was his first offence, but he is under aged.

Since the incident, he hasn’t been able to sleep. He’s lost his appetite and is going through so much anxiety and regret. He’s genuinely a good person and I know that this is a lesson that he will never forget or make the same mistake again. The anxiety is getting to him more now, though. The thought of knowing what’s going to happen but it still not being finalized and all the fines he’s going to have to pay are giving him panic attacks. He’s freaking over the fact that this is going to be on his permanent record. He keeps saying that he’s ruined his life. He’s gotten so depressed that he’s occasionally having suicidal thoughts.

I don’t think he would actually go through with it, but I’m worried about him. I make sure that I ask him how he’s doing and to let him know that I am there for him and will support him no matter what.I even try to take him out with me as much as I can just so he’s not isolating himself. I try to convince him that this isn’t going to be the end to his life because he’s going to make so many more decisions in his life that while make this one seem like it was nothing. It calms him down for a bit but the thoughts still enter his mind at an alarmingly convincing rate. I let his best friend know just so he can keep an eye on him, too.

How do I help him?



2 thoughts on “How Do I Help My Friend?

  1. Just be there for him tell him this is only one obstacle and hes guna be through it he’ll be fine this happened to my bf and he got super sad about it but tell him he can’t let it take over his life it’s just another obstacle:)

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