My Hermit Self

Before actually attending my first year of college, I went on a lot of trips to my school for adviser meetings and orientation. During those trips, I was constantly told my faculty and upper division students that the best way to have a great college experience is to get involved. Whether that be clubs, sororities/fraternities, gym classes, or just taking advantages of the free services and events that happen on campus, getting involved makes your experience so much better. Now being in my third year of college, let me tell you exactly what I’ve been involved in.

Close to nothing!

Introvert Sabrina over here has basically made herself a life-sized hermit. In the summer before my freshman year, I went to the gym with my then boyfriend and two other friends. I haven’t stepped foot inside the gym since. That is now officially two summers ago. I went to one meeting of a community service club I was interested in joining. But I didn’t know anybody so I never went back. Mind you, I was vice president of my high school’s community service club my junior year and I didn’t even make it to the second meeting of a college version of that!

I went to an on campus event where it was basically a fair and a free show. I didn’t even stay the entire night because it got boring after a while. I got the ticket to go to the same, but different themed event, last semester and completely let the ticket go to waste! All of these things I was/tried to be a part of were during my freshman year of college.

I decided to talk about this because I just finished my second day of classes and I already found myself doing the exact same thing I’ve done for the last year. I got out of class, went to the library and did some quick reading, went to my next classes, and went straight home. As much as I’d want to have the “college experience”, the thing that stops me is the fact that I don’t know anybody to do it with. My high school friends and I don’t hang out all that much because our schedules overlap.And I’ve really only made one college friend that I’ve kept in touch with after classes were over and our schedules overlap, too.

I know I should really try to get myself out enjoying these few, reckless years I get to have, but it really isn’t all that interesting to me. I’ve never been one to go to parties and get crazy wasted or to go out and be in large rooms with tons of people crowding the area. Though I would like to experiencing clubbing and bar hopping once I’m twenty-one, nights like those don’t seem like much fun to me.

My college has this HUUUGE raver every October where they get a hot artist (last year it was Tyga) to perform. They hand out glowsticks and everyone gets painted with neon paint and from what I’ve heard, it’s the best event of the school year. But events like those have never interested me enough to buy a ticket and attend.

Though I might be missing out of possibly “the best years of my life”, I’m far more content with going straight to the library to either kill time or get some homework done. And I have a feeling that this semester will be the semester I end up living in the library due to all the papers I have to write and books I have to read. You can count on that.


I was late to my narrative writing class today! I’d left my house AN HOUR AND A HALF early to beat traffic and get a parking spot to avoid what happened last semester (being late and getting so much anxiety I’d missed the first class), but luck was not on my side. I spent an hour going around the same parking structure because the rest of the closest structures were closed, and I was still twenty minuted late! Luckily, I so angry and annoyed that it’d taken over my emotions and I wasn’t so anxious as I walked into class.



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