Can’t Stop The Feelin’


It’s official- we are now in the countdown to Autumn!

For many, the ending of summer is a sad departure. And though I actually enjoyed my summer this year, I can’t wait for it to end. I can’t wait for the leaves to fall and the harvest decorations to be put out everywhere!

I can’t wait for the crisp weather and early nights. Though here in Southern California, it’s not the most noticeable season change, the slight bit that we get is still just as amazing.

I can’t wait for all the special scents and flavors of the season to be released. Yes, pumpkin spice everything is now overrated and probably promoted and added to everything way too much. But I can’t help it- I love the Starbucks frappuccinos.

I can’t wait for Halloween. The decorations, the scary movies, the overall feeling that’s in the atmosphere in October. I can’t wait for El Dia de los Muertos. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes and ham… lots and lots of ham.

(…..I can wait for Black Friday. I’d actually like to skip it in general, if that were possible…)

I can’t wait for all the birthday cakes and celebrations (I’m turning 21 in December!). Believe it or not, a part of me can’t wait for Christmas and the Christmas music. I don’t know if it’s because my work recently removed our entire music playlist and I’m mourning the loss of Michael Buble’s Christmas covers. But I’m a little excited for it.

Bottom line, I’m excited for the -BER months to finally be here.Though these are busy months, they are also the ones with the most character and the most to celebrate. And though we still have three weeks left of this Summer, it’s officially pre-fall season and there’s nothing that can stop it from coming in at full force.

21 days left!



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