Happy Summer!


(photo used from Pinterest)

Summer, summer, summer. It’s time for you to finally reign over the weather and grant us your endless sunny visits for the next three months. Though Autumn and all things cool and crisp weather related days are beyond my favorite and will forever sit at the throne of my heart, I’ve grown a special love for you.

I used to hate summer time; partly because I never did anything during the summers and spent my days laying around the house watching t.v. But a majority of it was because of the weather. I don’t like the heat. I would rather wrap myself in a million blankets to stay warm than feel like I need to peel my skin off and lay in ice to stay cool. But over the years, I’ve found myself waiting for summer’s arrival a little bit more.

School is out- kind of. Though I don’t have the hard pressures of the oncoming semester’s classes hitting me just yet, I am registered for a few summer online classes so I can knock off some electives. My fall registration for my university is at the end of June. I already know my last two semesters of my college career are going to be jam-packed, and I start my summer classes mid-July. I love school, though it’s a love-hate relationship because of how much I procrastinate and give myself stress-induced anxiety. I enjoy the routine of it. I love learning new things, or old history, and understanding different concepts. I enjoy going to class and walking around campus. Taking online classes gives me a little bit of the stress, but I’m hoping just as much productivity.

The weather. Yes, I said I dislike the heat. Yes I live in the valley in Los Angeles where it gets humid and gross. Despite all that, I love days where I can just walk outside and decide that it’s going to be a beach day because the day is just incredible. My everyday wardrobe usually consists of jeans, but I’ve been growing slightly out of that this year and wearing things that are more girly. I have a few dresses I am just waiting to wear out on beach days or just out with some friends.

Camping. At the end of August, usually the week right before school starts again my family goes camping. This started back in 2012. On our first camping trip that started the tradition, I got sick and refused to go back because I thought it would just bring me bad luck. But last year, I joined my family in the trip again and absolutely loved it. I’ve always enjoyed bonfires and making s’mores, looking up at the star dotted sky amazed me, and I just couldn’t get enough of the gentle lapping of the water in the lake nearby and falling asleep to the crickets. We’re going back again this August, but this time, we’re inviting friends.

Which brings me to what I’m most looking forward to this summer: my two best friends. I’ve known them since I was sixteen. We were in the same magnet together but didn’t get close until we sat together in a Chemistry class our junior year of high school. We haven’t hung out as much as we would’ve liked to this year. One just came back from a month long trip back to her home country. The other was dealing with some family stuff for a couple of months. Last night, we got together after so long and could have stayed in the car parked on the street just catching up all night. But the most exciting part is that this summer, we’re making it OUR summer. It’s the first time in the five years we’ve known each other that we’re all single at the same time, and we’re going to take advantage of that.

What are you most excited for this summer?


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